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    Nickname: BarnessX or BarnX Name: real name Slava Date of birth: 29/04/2002 Country and town: Russia, Ulyanovsk Contact (Discord/Skype): BarnessX#2034 How could you help us?: I can advise, there are skills in CW games, for this I work hard for certain maps, I can support this good clan, I can help with something useful. How active are you?: I can spend the whole day playing What type of player are you? (DM/WFF/DD/Shooter): I'm can DM and HDM Write something about yourself: I,m currenty in College, but it doesn't stop me from spending the whole day playing, i like to spend a lot of time playing witch my friends Your MTA experience: in 2014 I play MTA, in the same year, I was interested in the DM mode, I began to play this mode and discovered something new, and after 5 years I had to be in different clans, to know what the HDM, to meet new people, to have fellowship with them, when I knew nothing about the maps and when they played, it was a revelation for me, I began to play DM to train the maps And from the very beginning I started playing skc server. In which clans have you been before?: SR- Secret Race - left XP- Xtreme Players - left xR- xtreme Racers - left ffg- Fast Fire Guys - left PxG- Project Xtreme - left Unlimited Power - closed :M#- Mythicals Crew - left uF- United Force - left x6st- closed
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    Nickname: SharoN, OldNickName: RedKN!GHT Name: Ahmet Date of birth: 04/09/2003 Country and town: Turkey / Istanbul Contact (Discord/Skype): SharoN#9061 How could you help us?: I think I can support the team in team fights How active are you?: I am active every day. I usually playing on foxx server What type of player are you? (DM/WFF/DD/Shooter): HDM/DM Write something about yourself: I am a calm person. I consider myself talented. I do anything whenever I want. I like to have fun with my dear friends. Your MTA experience: I've been an MTA DM player for nearly nine years. I used to play on MTA-TR servers the first time. After I found my best friend, I opened more than one server. Then I played the game to improve myself, took it seriously. I took part in a lot of teams at 1.3 1.4. But because my computer is bad, I couldn't improve myself much. I got my first map at MTA 1.3, and I'M still doing it. Later, I joined the #BHD! FFG iW Lotus UP teams. In which clans have you been before?: Black Hawk Down #BHD! Fast Fire Guys FFG Iron Will iW// Lotus L' Unlimited Power UP| [Firestarters Of The Land] ♥
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    Nickname: Hel1sh Name: Johnny Victor Date of birth: 03/06/2004 Country and town: Brazil, Rio De Janeiro / Rio Das Ostras Contact (Discord/Skype): Hellish#1802 How could you help us?: with all it's possible, playing, administration, all How active are you?: when possible, i always join on MTA FOXX Server, im very active What type of player are you? (DM/WFF/DD/Shooter): DM (HDM) Write something about yourself: Im bit idiot cuz im only 16 years old, but i do my best always to improve more about myself Your MTA experience: im playing mta since 2013 i guess, but didnt played DM for a long time, i was playing it already in 2015/2016, but stopped in 2016, came back now in 2020, 4 months ago, so im playing HDM Mode for first time, and it's good, i feel good playing that and i want to improve more & more In which clans have you been before?: i dont remember good, just some friends clans : XpG,BW (Brothers World) F05 (Force of Skill) GMKZ, etc
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    QUICK UPDATE #2 Sadly, we had to exclude our DD-Crew due to internal issues. I won’t go into further detail, since I respect everyone involved. Nevertheless, we decided to stop further seek for glory at DD for quite some time. Good-Bye to: Waxy Trend Twistty ALF + (two of our DM fellas) EmperioR FlokkZ Sadly, it's time we said farewell to all of you. We hope you will succeed with everything you’re up to for the future. Big applause for: Snacky Brandy They are our new trial-slaves. We wish them a great time! There will be some changes in the future, talking about FOTL in general. We will keep you up to date!
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    Nickname: My nickname in-game is Desquare Name: My name is Nicolae and my last name is Florea Date of birth: I was born on 30th of January 2003 Country and town: Im from Moldavia, currently living in Kishinev Contact (Discord/Skype): Discord [ OLEGJ#1000 ]How could you help us?: How active are you?: I can help in many ways. I am skilled enough in DM also WFF. I love competing against others and putting up a great challenge. I believe I am decent enough to compete against with some of best. By learning how others play, I maneged to apply it on my own skill set and improve my own ways of gameplay, That's it ! What type of player are you? (DM/WFF/DD/Shooter): Mostly WFF Write something about yourself: I already wrote things about me, click here if you're interested. Your MTA experience: It has been a long time since I'm playing Multi Theft Auto and I could write all day long about my seven ten experience In this game but I will briefly try to point on the most relevant and important things. I started to play this game as Destruction Derby player but in the mean time I was also playing DM trying to become a good player in WFF! I would really be happy to cut off some parts of my MTA career when I was being silly but that's something that can not be changed and I am happy that Im completely a different person right now, so I will just put the blame on the age... because when you are too young you're carefree and you don't think about consequences that your acts may bring. I started to play on Freeroam server called RPP, one of the most known Freeroam Romanian Server, I was playing there for like 4 or 5 years but day by day I started to lose my wish to play, because it was actually boring. The first official clan that I have been was 4iM, known as Incredible Motion that was leaded by @Dreamer and @Reksque, by the way, we got merged with mP later. After sometime one of my friends recommended me to play with him on MGM server that's called 3R, we spent a lot of time there, we met a lot of amazing guys, we made new friends. And once I decided to apply for, by the way I didn't got accepted from the first time due to my bad english skills. After few years, when I got better English and better skills, I did it, and of course got accepted. I'm playing there for many years, I kinda like the server, the peoples that are playing there etc.... In which clans have you been before?: 3R// 3lite Racers UP' Unlimited Power INT' International Team M' Maelstrom mP' Master Players M' Mythicals Crew -FFG- Fast Fire guys 4iM // For Incredible Motion Best regards, Oleg ❤️
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    Nickname: xKRUZZ Name: Kuzey Date of birth: 30.08.1998 Country and town: Turkey / Ankara Contact (Discord/Skype): Sekiz#8888 and onur3g How could you help us?: I'd just helpful for doing duties as clan member , for me team is the one of the most important thing in the team. I think I'm playing close to the mid to high tier, I can help the CW'S if it comes to the place. How active are you?: About 11 hours per day but not all of them in mta. What type of player are you? (DM/WFF/DD/Shooter): DM/WFF Write something about yourself: I study political science and public administration at the university. I sing turkish music and play guitar. I enjoy the simplest thing in life. I know how to have fun in my own way.I'm a man of the moment. Your MTA experience: I started on the DST server in 2010, i did not actively play the game and continued until 2012 (PiA), then then I took a break from the game and started back in 2014 and decided to continue for 2 months and then leave again after a while. In 2016, I started watching videos on YouTube again I suddenly came up with a video of this game. I realized I missed the game, so I downloaded it again and started. Continued until 2018 , ( I've played in nTL , #ER). I got on nTL, and I kept playing there until the team closed. After the clan closed, I did hang out alone for about a month, then we met Endzel and I joined nFw. After hanging out there for 3-4 months, I quit the game again. I mean , my mta life had to quit the game all the time. Two months ago I re-entered the game and I had in mind to join FOTL but I joined SoR. I left yestarday , to make what's in my head come on. (That's my story xd.) In which clans have you been before?: nTL ( Nothing To Lose) - Closed SoR ( Squad of Revulation)- Left nFw ( No Fucking Way) - Left
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    Nickname: TouchRecords Name: Markus Date of birth: 18.03.1999 (21) Country and town: Germany, Kaiserslautern Contact (Discord/Skype): Mysto#7912 / touch.records How could you help us?: Representing the best clan in my opinion ;) Besides that i could help with development, if there is any need in that. Maybe even record CW if needed. Also im a really fun guy :) How active are you?: aprox. 3-5 hours per day What type of player are you? (DM/WFF/DD/Shooter): DM only :) Write something about yourself: 21, Fulltime Software Engineer & self employed Webdeveloper. I also have experience with lua and developing in MTA:SA. Your MTA experience: I started playing MTA in 2013. Since then im basically playing it if i have free time. The same time i started to record maps and upload the videos to my youtube channel. (YT Channel Link) In which clans have you been before?: Nothing reasonable to speak of. Im hoping for change, thats why i decided to apply here ;)
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    Type: DM Date: TBD Time: TBD Server: TBD Maps: 10 Rounds: 20 [FOTL] - Firestarters of the Land players: - - - - - Maps: - - - - - |-XpR-| Xtreme pro Racers players: - - - - - Maps: - - - - - GENERAL RULES: All of the clan members are allowed to play. Any kind of provoking and insulting words are forbidden. Only clan representatives are allowed to talk in the main chat. Using a mod that affects the gameplay is not allowed. If someone times out before the map starts, we redo the map. If someone times out while the map is running and he is alive, we play further. DM & HUNTER RULES A burning player still counts as Alive. So all rules still apply to him. In case of a draw, clanwar managers will decide if the clanwar will get continued or if it ends. If someone breaks the ping limit, he must be replaced. (by someone who didn't play the current map) If noone reaches the hunter, the clan with the player who got furthest gets the point. If the players from both teams died on the same part, we redo the current map. In case of reaching the map limit, we will switch to a hunter map. Skipping vehicle change pickups is not allowed. Skipping useless nitro/repair pickups is allowed. Driving backward parts forward and driving roof parts forward is allowed. Backshooting while getting hunter is not allowed. Shooting cars before the countdown is not allowed. Shooting cars when a hunter map is set, is not allowed. Killing hunters that are stuck in decoration, is not allowed. Spraying cars is not allowed. Spraying is not allowed (maximum 3 shots in 5 seconds). In case of killing someone with spray, we redo the current round without the sprayer. When both clans have 2 or less players during a hunter fight, the hunter fight will continue on a closed map. We will switch to a closed map after 10 seconds or when nobody is close to each other anymore so there won't be any misunderstandings when it comes to 2 players dying at the same time. Countdown will be 5 seconds and it will start 5 seconds after the first Hunter has been reached or after everyone left the decoration. Minimum FPS: 36 Maximum FPS: 51 Maximum ping: 310
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    -Nickname: My name is Dárcio Martins -Date of birth: I am 24 year old 27/08/1996 -Country and town: I am from Portugal and i live in a beautifull Island called Terceira. -Contact (Discord/Skype): I update later -How could you help us?: Well i can help the FOTL Community with the fórum since i have some knowledge with invision power board and i can help with the clan wars (DM and HDM) also with my beautifull personality x). -How active are you?: On the MTA i can play after i reach home from work, like 4-5 hours per day and on the weekends i am free ^^ but for sure i can spend much more time on forum and discord because i have acess all day on it. -What type of player are you? (DM/WFF/DD/Shooter): I am a good Hunter player and a good HDM player. -Write something about yourself: About myself i have not much to say, i can speak two languages my main one is Portuguese the other one is English, i am a good fella that like to help others, mature and experienced on the game. I like making new friendships also i love to discover how things work and learn new things and be creative. -Your MTA experience: I started playing a gamemode called gang wars but it was a couple of year ago.In one day suddenly i got invited by a friend to try a new gamemode called DM it was a PT server, months later the server closed, i went searching more servers with that gamemode then i found TG. Time passed by i was still playing, got some friendships, that i still speak, and i joined some clans to learn how the game works. The first one i joined in was a German clan called Fatal Gaming our goal was chill out playing and speaking on TS without any pressure. After that i joined in a clan of HDMers full of potential and i improved my skills with help of them. Many Years later i joined on SwC by a invitation of a friend but the clan ended up getting inactive, so i though why not make a clan ?. I created a clan called Uncontrolled Skills with Ceeser, with my knowledge i created the forum and Ceeser did the server unfortunately got closed, but it was an amazing experience indeed, i had a lof of fun. Now i am searching for new period. -In which clans have you been before?: FG| Fatal Gaming - Moderator - Closed -|nTL|- Nothing to Lose - Member - Closed SwC- Skills Without Control - Member - Closed UcS| Uncontrolled Skills - Founder, Web Manager - Closed
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    Good luck mein brude ❤️
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    About me: It's been really long time since I've done something like this. Some of you may know me some of you may not. My name is Nicolae and my last name is Florea I'm mostly known in-game as Oleg / Desquare / Requus. I'm 17 years old and I'm currently living in Kishinev, the city where I was born. I'm studying technology at the best university of technical in my country called ,, UTM '' ( University of Technology in Moldova) My studies are harder than before, this year I need to treat my patients but It's ony a thing of practice, but cause of pandemic situation a lot of unviersities and schools were closed, that's why I will have more time to spend in this game. MTA career: It has been a long time since I'm playing Multi Theft Auto and I could write all day long about my seven ten experience In this game but I will briefly try to point on the most relevant and important things. I started to play this game as Destruction Derby player but In the mean time I was also playing DM trying to become good player in WFF's! I would really be happy to cut off some parts of my career when I was being silly but that's something that can not be changed and I am happy that Im completely a different person right now, so I will just put the blame on the age.... because when you're too young you're carefree and you don't think about consequences that your acts may bring. Through my career I've been in few clans like; 3R // 3lite Racers UP' Unlimited Power M' Maelstrom INT' International Team mP' Master Players M' Mythicals Crew -ffg- Fast Fire Guys Thanks for reading my Introduction, Have a nice day !
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    Gz Maxim and Snacky.
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    Good luck my old lovely team mate ❤️
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    yo flint pro member ty ❤️
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    Ok, good luck helish
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    oof pro player vamoo ❤️ gl
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    Good luck RedKnight bro
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    @Snacky uff lejend : D congratz bro
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    Welcome Snacky & Brandy
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    Hey everyone. I will be brief. Today is the day when I decided to retire from this game. I want to thank everyone who stood with me for years and never dissapointed me. Unfortunatelly things went wrong, and I have no mood to continue in this game. I want to wish best of luck to FOTL with future plans and goals, and also want to say big sorry for my decisions I made before I joined you. 😞 Never wanted to let you down.. (the video explains everything).
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    Nickname : Brandy Name : Maxim Date of birth: 13.02.99 Country and town: Ukraine / Kiev Contact (Discord/Skype): Discord - Brandy#2493 How could you help us?: I am an active and good player, I do not play badly WFF , thats why I can help in clan wars if it's needed. How active are you?: everyday playing about 3-4 hours. What type of player are you? (DM/WFF): WFF Write something about yourself: A good friendly person in life, not hot-tempered, graduated from college, now I have moved from my hometown to Kiev and live with a girl in Kiev, spend my free time with her and friends, and play MTA as well Your MTA experience: Now I will tell you how started his story in the MTA. I started to play in 2012. My first server was SKC. This is a very old server I can not remember the last time I played on it but it was a long time ago. Within a year I had a friend from another server (DDAS) and I thought, why not try to play there. I played there for 1-2 days and I like it I started playing there. Six months later, I joined the clan fH. I played there a long time with good and friendly players. After a while I went unfortunately I do not remember why I can only say that this is a good clan. After that I played more on DDAS. I do not remember much but I played there somewhere 2 years. Then I wanted to go to another clan (DG) and we join. But within month the clan has been closed i dont know why. Then I started playing back on DDAS but i saw everyday that online less and less And the server has become inactive. Then I started looking for a new clan and joined -nFw- . I must say I've been there a short time all because 1 leader nfw left clan and other follow him. After that I was in many clans, I will not write in details, I will write below, now I play on FFS and FoXX servers In which clans have you been before?: DG - Closed nFw - Closed AiR - Closed Korn - Closed UP - Closed SHC - Left FoXX - Left MT - Kicked iW - Closed
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