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  1. QUICK UPDATE #2 Sadly, we had to exclude our DD-Crew due to internal issues. I won’t go into further detail, since I respect everyone involved. Nevertheless, we decided to stop further seek for glory at DD for quite some time. Good-Bye to: Waxy Trend Twistty ALF + (two of our DM fellas) EmperioR FlokkZ Sadly, it's time we said farewell to all of you. We hope you will succeed with everything you’re up to for the future. Big applause for: Snacky Brandy They are our new trial-slaves. We wish them a great time! There will be some changes in the future, talking about FOTL in general. We will keep you up to date!
  2. Join Request Format You're interested in joining us? That's great! This topic will show you, which things we would like to know about you and what details you should include into your joining request. In order to join FOTL, you have to create a new topic in this subforum. The title of your topic should be: Join Request by "Your Nickname" . FORMAT: REQUIREMENTS: Please have patience once you've posted your application. Our decisions are made by the whole team so it could take some time before we will post the final results on your joining topic. You already tried to join us, but you haven't been accepted? Just stay motivated! Sometimes one single vote can change anything, so don't give up, there's always the chance that you will have more luck on the next try!
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