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  1. Brand New Era Greetings dear community. As you might've guessed already, FOTL is rebranding. We've pondered for a while now about the changes we'll make moving forward and it seems that now is the right time to share them with you. However, before we do that, we would like to give our many thanks and appreciation to DDC for letting us use their forums for such a long time. Thanks to them, FOTL has rebuilt its roster from the ground up, and as a consequence, we feel we're finally ready to stand on our own two feet. NEW FORUM Topping the bill this time around, we have our brand new forum. It took us some time before feeling satisfied. Nevertheless, we eventually succeeded after filtering through our collective ideas to decide which of them we should and shouldn't include. The diligence of our members was essential to our success so we hope to keep that up. As a result, we now have a responsive forum that we're ready to share with everyone. EXCLUSIVE CW SERVER But that is not all. We decided that we should expand in other areas if possible. And it didn't take us long before we knew what to work on next. Over the past few days, our team has focused on creating an aesthetically fresh-looking clanwar server, where we plan to host weekly events and of course, FOTL's clanwars against opposing teams. Here is a little sneak peek of what's in store. - health/nos-bar inspired by the unreleased but lovely Seventh-Miracle script; Credits to @Dice (Scripter), @Timbo360 (CW-Script Design) and @Zoilo! UPCOMING EVENTS Events such as funwars and DM/WFF tournaments will be posted in the Events section. By pressing this link, you will be forwarded to the main events section, where you will be able to see current, ongoing events or register to upcoming events in advance of their starting date. Such events will be announced from our forum or via Discord, likely both. ROSTER CHANGES Moving onto our fresh meat, it's about time we welcomed some new individuals into our family. No matter who is put in front of us, we always give applicants careful consideration as we value the calming atmosphere that we've built up from voting for maturer candidates. With that said, of everyone who applied, two individuals stood out to our team and we have faith that they'll play a huge role in helping us achieve greatness. Congratulations to: Krlos: What is there to say? Your determined personality speaks for itself and you would be a great addition to any clanwar squad. We're just thankful that you've seen potential in ours. Welcome aboard Carlos. FlinT: You caught the sympathy of each and every one of us from the moment you applied. We also noticed that your activity is impressive and your skills will also be needed in future clanwars. Welcome aboard to you too Vadim. Without further ado, we present you our new trials! We will do everything to ensure you enjoy your stay and integrate with the team right away. Also contratulations to @EmperioR for passing his trial period and now becoming full member. @Chaos did a great job with the forum and he always gives off a lovely vibe to everyone he comes across. He will receive the role as a developer. On the flip side, sometimes players find themselves wanting to leave a clan for one reason or another. To those people, we bear no hard feelings and we appreciate their contributions to the clan. Sadly, it's time we said farewell to @Mokka and Ravage. Goodbye fellas! REPORT ISSUES Finally, I think the whole of FOTL agrees that we appreciate anyone who supports us from the outside regardless of our advancements. There's a small chance that you could run into bugs while interacting with the forum since we've only just premiered. If so, we aim to fix those sooner than later. So, if you do encounter any bugs or exploits, please do not hesitate to report them in the bugs section provided by our developers (here) and we'll get those fixed up as soon as possible.
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