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  1. NickName: Dioni! Name: Dionibel Date of birth: 11.01.1998 Country and City: Santo Domingo, Domincan Republic. Contact (Skype/Discord): Dion1#4757 How could you help us?: I can help in clan wars and anything else that is requested of me, I am good at DM and Hunter and I like HDM. How active are you?: I play mta every day most of the time I spend it in Mythicals, FoXX, i2k, TR , FFS.... What type of player are you? (DM/WFF): DM and 60% WFF Write something about yourself: I consider myself a nice boy I like that we all get along I love design I am preparing in that area especially in photo montages in my free time I am in mta or watching series. Your MTA experience: I started playing mta around 2012 or 2013 at the beginning I played dd until I met the DM and I liked it and here I am still playing and acquiring skills to continue improving and continue having fun with everyone. In which clans have you been before?: LxG// (Latins Xtreme Gammers) : Closed Dws|: Closed >VIP< (Very Important Players) : Closed BHD (Black Hawk Down) : Left X6ST Gaming : Closed
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