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  1. Nickname : Brandy Name : Maxim Date of birth: 13.02.99 Country and town: Ukraine / Kiev Contact (Discord/Skype): Discord - Brandy#2493 How could you help us?: I am an active and good player, I do not play badly WFF , thats why I can help in clan wars if it's needed. How active are you?: everyday playing about 3-4 hours. What type of player are you? (DM/WFF): WFF Write something about yourself: A good friendly person in life, not hot-tempered, graduated from college, now I have moved from my hometown to Kiev and live with a girl in Kiev, spend my free time with her and friends, and play MTA as well Your MTA experience: Now I will tell you how started his story in the MTA. I started to play in 2012. My first server was SKC. This is a very old server I can not remember the last time I played on it but it was a long time ago. Within a year I had a friend from another server (DDAS) and I thought, why not try to play there. I played there for 1-2 days and I like it I started playing there. Six months later, I joined the clan fH. I played there a long time with good and friendly players. After a while I went unfortunately I do not remember why I can only say that this is a good clan. After that I played more on DDAS. I do not remember much but I played there somewhere 2 years. Then I wanted to go to another clan (DG) and we join. But within month the clan has been closed i dont know why. Then I started playing back on DDAS but i saw everyday that online less and less And the server has become inactive. Then I started looking for a new clan and joined -nFw- . I must say I've been there a short time all because 1 leader nfw left clan and other follow him. After that I was in many clans, I will not write in details, I will write below, now I play on FFS and FoXX servers In which clans have you been before?: DG - Closed nFw - Closed AiR - Closed Korn - Closed UP - Closed SHC - Left FoXX - Left MT - Kicked iW - Closed
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