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  1. Name:Alex Date of birth: 02.02.1998 Country and town: Germany Rheinland-Pfalz Contact (Discord/Skype):~>Alex<~#7638 How could you help us?: I can help u with my Skill my Cordination and my Teamplay (:, but if u know me u know what u have from me xd How active are you?: 100% What type of player are you? (DM/WFF): Both ♥ Write something about yourself: Hay guys im Alex , 22 Years old and Playing MTA Since 2008 im Start SAMP and playing some RL Severs. Then a friend from me told me to play some nice stunt shit, then i start play on the ... Fuck you server and played some OS shit (really nice) then 2011 I joined VITA Clan, a nice clan with a lovely Community. but at ~2014 they want to fuse with TG and i want to try some another clans. I break up with MTA like 2016 and start it aggain on 2020 Feb. Now im back and try to get some experience ;3. Your MTA experience: I played often on FFS , TG TfF and some another Servers i think i have a good MTA Experience on ~10 Years so i think i can help the clan with my EXP ;3 In which clans have you been before?: VITA, -|TR|- , //PR , Zs´ and some other small clans.
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