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  1. Hey everyone. I will be brief. Today is the day when I decided to retire from this game. I want to thank everyone who stood with me for years and never dissapointed me. Unfortunatelly things went wrong, and I have no mood to continue in this game. I want to wish best of luck to FOTL with future plans and goals, and also want to say big sorry for my decisions I made before I joined you. 😞 Never wanted to let you down.. (the video explains everything).
  2. Your comment made me laugh, but trust me it is much better non-coloured (more matured) @Smith&Wesson. Good luck.
  3. @Chaos. https://synergy-mta.com/index.php?/topic/16-tr3nds-join-request/
  4. Nickname: Trend Name: Martin Date of birth: 20.08.1998 (Currently 22 years) Country and town: Slovakia, Považská Bystrica Contact (Discord/Skype): TR3NDPR0#3227 / freddy6.sk How could you help us?: I can help you basically with DD clanwars and with DM WFF clanwars. How active are you?: I am active 4+- hours per day. But everything depends on day. What type of player are you? (DM/WFF): DD, WFF Write something about yourself: I study on sport and philosophical university in city- Prešov coaching and teaching physical and sport education & global history. I have skiing license, lifeguard license and handball coaching license – class C. I am also solid accordion and piano performer. Your MTA experience: All it started even in primary school, when I went one day with my ex classmate’s house and he turned on MTA a started to play on server. I think it was RPG server, called THE MATRIX. I was seriously amazed. I installed MTA right away and started to nolife together. In few years guys retired from this game, but I started to explore new servers and new gamemodes. In that time was very insterested VIP server and czech Pro server. But, the most gamemode platform for me was DD. I quickly found new DD servers and started to play on them. GoD and SMT server were most popular. With some luck I had chance to be 4 times in SMT. After these years I ended for a long time with MTA. In october of 2015 I returned to the MTA and started to play for verified czech and slovak clans. In march or april of 2015 I received with my friend Freedom an offer that could not be refused by Tomba120 to create a DD squad in SHC. I was very proud and honored. We accepted with my friend Freedom very skilled and loyal DD players into the squad and one time we were on of the best and feared DD squad in MTA scene. Later I wanted to get higher and higher in my career, so I joined PiA, when I wanted to start up my DM career and achieve something bigger. I left them very early, because of problems with the management. My next steps went to TC. It was very good experience, but I had problems (not only me) with one unnamed player. I wanted to kick him from the clan but leaders refused it. It was very frustrating, after that I left and went to eP, where we won with my new squad everything we played. Unfortunatelly I got kicked. I wanted to recover the right direction, so TC gave me another chance, but I think they kicked me or I left (I don’t remember exactly). After that I was accepted in Z, where I met very friendly guys, but this clan was closed. I started to work hard and fulfill my dream and get into TG. I made for it everything and finally it happened. I was the happiest guy in the whole world. By the time I left the with Mazda due to lack of motivation. I joined Ex with many expectations. There I was promoted very early to clan leader by MisterQuestions. But clan was unfortunatelly closed as it was in Z. I needed a break from this game and when i returned after few months I joined TfF, because many of loyal and friendly guys were creating interesting DD project there. I have been there 1 year. I am very happy for that moments, but I left because I haven’t any teammates for CW’s, any website, any online server. That would be everything about my MTA journey. In which clans have you been before?: SHC// Small Hustlers Crew PiA| Pro’s in Action 'TC| The Crew Gaming eP! Elite Players #Z Zenosyne Ex. Exentric Gaming /TfF\ The Favoured Few -|TG|- Twisted Gamers (best clan ever 🧡)
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