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  1. Waxy

    drift#'s Join Request

    After studying your request, I'm afraid to tell you you're not what we are looking for. Good luck in your search to find a team.
  2. After studying your request, I'm afraid to tell you you're not what we are looking for. Good luck in your search to find a team.
  3. my sister probably gave me syphilis

    1. Chaos


      Thank god she didn't gave you herpes.



  4. Waxy

    ALF Join request

    My favorite idiot on Earth.
  5. Nickname: Waxy Name: Guillaume Date of birth: 28/12/1994 Country and town: Belgium, Fleurus Contact (Discord/Skype): Skype: thewaxy804; Discord: Waxy#7987 How could you help us?: Well as I heard, you wish to start a new venture by creating a DD squad.However, I believe I could help you reaching goals thanks to my activity onto this gamemode, to my involvement towards the teams I join and of course, to my DD skills. Hence I decided to apply here, I know how stressful and risky it looks, but opening a DD squad is a to-do thing in MTA. Derby's golden age is surely over but people like me are doing their best to make it survive and enjoyable. Small teams times are over, the game needs to evolve, and DD needs to be carried by consistent communities ! How active are you?: I consider myself as very active nowadays. MTA is the only one game I consistently play. What type of player are you? (DM/WFF): DD, can't even drive straight forward with infernus pal ! Write something about yourself: I guess this is the main section that I need to fill in cuz you guys probably don't know me at all. Well hello, my name is Guillaume, I'm 25 years old, I live in the french part of Belgium and I didn't drink for 2 weeks. Nah, but to be honest I don't know what kind of info you need about me 😁. I'd rather meet each and everyone of you to get to know you aswell ! Your MTA experience: I started playing MTA in 2009 and I immediately fell in love with DD. I started playing for some random teams as a newbie, met some gold buddies and decided to create my own team. Over the years, I probably became one of the most famous DD player, due to my DD skills, my leadership and my videos. My best accomplishement was to create and manage [zGs] for more than 3 years. This team is sadly closed but it still resonates in DD as a "legendary" clan that everyone knows. In which clans have you been before?: I've been in many DD clans which you probably don't know. Also I was DD manager for TfF. Best regards, Waxy. 🙂
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