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  1. Thanks bro, I really appreciate it ❤️
  2. Edit: I wanted to write all the clans with the colors they had but I forgot 😕 Edit to this edit: I can't edit my join request
  3. Nickname: Smith&Wesson / Kpcoke Name: Mihnea Date of birth: I'm born on 16th of November 2003 Country and town: I live in Tecuci, Romania Contact (Discord/Skype): Discord: MHN#3974 How could you help us?: I can help you in clanwars with my skills, I am not selling rounds anymore and I am not risking if I am not sure 100% that I can kill someone, I am friendly and I want to get more experience playing among you How active are you?: On a scale from 1 to 10 I will say that I'm pretty active so I'm rating it with a 9 What type of player are you? (DM/WFF/DD/Shooter): I am a DD player since 2013 Write something about yourself: I am pretty quiet, sometimes I'm not talking that much, I am a pretty calm person and I want to try something new so I chose to make a join request to join FOTL Your MTA experience: I started playing MTA 10 years ago, with friends, on RolePlay servers, we were having pretty much fun together and all we were doing was to troll people and laugh at nothing. By doing nothing we got bored of each other because we had nothing more to do and we were pretty antisocial so we weren't going outside together or anything. We stopped talking and I moved on other popular RolePlay international server on MTA, where I met Darius, a friend from Timisoara and he showed me 3R Multigamemode server and I liked DD the most, I started playing it with him and I made pretty much friends there, one of the best friends of mine was PingPong/Denis and we still talking on WhatsApp. He showed me DD clanwars, he took me in FX to teach me how to play DD. By the time we continued playing and I got in a friendship with a guy from Georgia too which stopped playing MTA few years ago. He was called godlike and he invited me to join his clan "FHF", we were very active but I was the worst player in the clan so he chose to make me play the most of the clanwars to learn playing. He taught me very much things about DD. We continued playing together till he became pretty much toxic which was very annoying for me and I decided to separate our ways. I continued playing DD, very much friends helped me a lot and I am very thankful for it. In which clans have you been before?: I have been in pretty much clans, I am sorry that I wont mention all of them but I forgot few of them and the vast majority of them got closed HaHaXuy - [HHX] (CLOSED) Supreme Team of Fuckers - [STF] (LEFT) 3lite Racers - 3R// (TOXIC TEAM, LEFT) Pwn Starzz - Pwn. (CLOSED) GiT team - GiT# (CLOSED) We're Great - GR8 (CLOSED) Vast Momentum (CLOSED) Sound of Victory - |SoV| (CLOSED) FX team *I forgot the name of the clan* - [FX] (CLOSED) Street Brothers - {sB} (CLOSED) Unlimited Power - UP| (CLOSED) HyperSonic Snakes - [HSS] (CLOSED) New Gen Factory - |NGF| (CLOSED) Most Valuable Players - [MvP] (CLOSED) Unique&Wanted - uW# (CLOSED)
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