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  1. Nickname: Snacky Name: Emrah Atmaca Date of birth: 26.10.99 Country and Town: Turkey/Ankara Contact: Snack ♢⍭#6666 How could you help us ?: I think I'm an active and good player. I can help my team in Clan Wars dm,wff as much as I can. How active are you ?: around 5-6 hours each day, I usually hang out on the foxx server. What type of player are you ?: Dm,wff Write something about yourself: I describe myself as fun. I'm a genuine person. I always joke with my friends.The day before yesterday, I found out I had the corona virus. These processes are a little challenging. Your MTA experience: My story started in 2010, when I started MTA, my cousin and i were playing dd on a Polish server.After playing dd for 2 years, we decided to start shooter mode in 2012, after playing shooter on Arab servers and developing ourselves, we entered a clan called eXe and appeared in various clan wars, we also played in this game mode for about 3 years. In 2015, we found a server called 3R and decided to play there, there was a game mode here called fdd (just like os). After playing here a little bit, we decided to start DM mode with Tiven in 2017.we joined clans together and played clan wars, and now we're here, now I'm just playing on the FoXX server. In which clans have you been before ?: FuriouZ gaming - FZ - Closed Black Hawk Down - BHD - Closed Small Hustlers Crew - SHC - Left International Team - INT - Left Ravens - #R - Kicked Thank you for reading.
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